The nose sits proudly in the centre of the face, yet many of us do not realise just how complex the structure is. The nose is made up of cartilage, bone and skin, and surrounded on all sides by the sinuses. The main functions of the nose are to filter, humidify and warm the air we breathe, as well as provide a sense of smell. The sense of smell is integral for odour detection, memory and taste. This is why it is important to ensure your nose is looked after and that any issues are seen to and treated promptly and correctly.

Here we look at the LateraTM absorbable nasal implant and their role in nasal health.

What is the LateraTM absorbable nasal implant?

LateraTM is an absorbable nasal implant, which is used as a treatment for patients with nasal obstruction who have suffered a collapse of the internal nasal valve. The implant strengthens and opens the nasal valve, thereby improving the sensation of airflow through the nose and helping people to breath better.

The Treatment Process

LateraTM is a minimally invasive nasal treatment which can be undertaken under a local anaesthetic in a clinic based environment. An ENT specialist, such as London ENT, can determine if you would benefit from this treatment depending on the condition, symptoms, causes and health.

A local anaesthetic is used to numb the nose, then a mini incision is made inside the nostril margin through which the implant is gently inserted into the correct position, usually just before the bridge of the nose. The process usually lasts around 30 minutes, although you will be in the clinic for around 90 minutes in total. You are likely to feel a slight pressure and perhaps some mild discomfort.

Treatment Aftercare

It is advised that someone is available to drive you home afterwards and stay with you for a few hours following the procedure. It is advised to take a day off work, after that you can resume normal work activities and gentle exercise although strenuous physical exertion should be delayed for a week or so. Some patients suffer mild inflammation and bruising, but this will be short-lived. The implant will not be visible to others, nor will it change the shape of the nose. The body absorbs the implant over roughly 18 months, replacing it with naturally formed collagen.


Most patients feel the benefits of the LateraTM absorbable implant long after the implant has dissolved away.. Improvements include:

  • Reduced stuffiness
  • Reduced congestion
  • Breathing through the nose is easier
  • Better breathing during exercise
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced nasal obstruction or blocking

Some patients continue to experience stuffiness after treatment, which could be down to  other causes of the nasal obstruction. In this case, an ENT or otorhinolaryngologist consultation would be required.

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