I consider my decision to seek out Professor Paul Chatrath at a time when my chronic nasal polyps and associated sinusitis had reached a point where surgical intervention had become the only realistic option left, to be one of the best and wisest decisions that I could have made.

Professor Chatrath’s excellent reputation had reached me through information from a family member. I have personally found him to be an accomplished surgeon, academic, erudite, an excellent communicator, and not in the least pretentious.

He expertly assessed my clinical status and explained clearly what my current options were. He also took time to listen to my account of the history and my concerns, and at no time did he attempt to push me into agreeing to surgery, even though it was clear that non surgical treatment was no longer sustainable. He gave me sufficient clarity and precision of information, including all possible risk factors, to enable me to make up my own mind.

I agreed to a Balloon Sinuplasty and Polypectomy that was undertaken nearly 4 weeks ago. My care on the day of the operation was exemplary in every way and at all levels of expertise from admission through to discharge. Professor Chatrath and his Anaesthetist were confronted with an uncharacteristically nervous patient when they came to undertake preoperative procedures. As a consequence my blood pressure and heart rate had become exceptionally elevated and were in danger of jeopardizing my fitness for surgery.

Despite being busy with necessary checks prior to their Theatre List, they were both calm, attentive, rigorous and meticulous in their assessment of the situation. I quickly developed a fundamental confidence in both of them. Fortunately preoperative sedation addressed the issue satisfactorily, and the operation went ahead as planned.

When Professor Chatrath told me postoperatively that the polyps had gone, it was music to my ears. Those “pesky” polyps had all but ruined my life. To taste and smell again will undoubtedly improve my quality of life, but to breathe through my nose is totally liberating.

The Recovery period has been better than I could have anticipated with absolutely minimal discomfort. I received excellent documentation re.what to expect and how to manage the postoperative period, from Professor Chatrath’s very efficient and organized secretary Maria. She is a great asset to his team, responding promptly to messages and undertaking relevant administration in a manner that reflects a caring person as well as a competent administrator.

In conclusion, if there are any prospective patients who are contemplating ENT treatment/surgery, but like me, find themselves procrastinating for whatever reason, please put your trust in Professor Chatrath and his team. You will not regret it. My only regret is that I struggled for so long putting my faith in the efficacy of steroid medication and not investing in an operative procedure sooner.

Mrs PH, Spire Hartswood Hospital, February 2022

Late October 2019 I scaled Via Ferrata in the Lake District and Striding Edge on the same weekend. The weather was cool about 8 -10 degrees. I used Rinatec and it was brilliant. For the first time in those conditions I wasn’t constantly blowing my nose (which can be particularly hard on the Via Ferrata).

December 2019 I flew to the Himalayas and this year Nepal was particularly cold and full of snow even as low as 2900m so the air temperature was quite cold. Again Rinatec worked an absolute treat. I only used one packet of Kleenex handy pack through the whole trip. Normally I would have gone through about 8-10 packs for the whole holiday.

So this miniature study would conclude Rinatec works really well for a constant runny nose. I would like to thank you kindly for letting me into this secret.

Warm Regards

Mr K F Y, London

I can only say how comfortable and at ease Mr Chatrath made me feel throughout my treatment.

Both Mr Chatrath and all his team were understanding and professional at all times. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his team to friends and family’

After having tonsillitis 5 times in a period of 6 months I was referred to the Nhs ent due to having ear pain. Due to the length of time it took to wait (6 months before I was seen) I was going downhill rapidly. After seeing the consultant she advised “go away and get yourself well and healthy” - I already lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I went back in 6 weeks to which the consultant couldn’t understand why I wasn’t better. I had a ct scan which showed a very large fungal infection within the whole of the left cavity of my sinus’. I had an immediate operation to remove this and clean the sinus’.

After this I still went on another 3 years to suffer sinus infection after another. Also experiencing post nasal drip, a horseness in my throat and terrible headaches and head pain.

After numerous scans and operations with no resolution I went private and this is when I met Paul.

He immediately established that Id had Trauma to the septum high up at the top/ bridge of my nose that potentially was causing a blockage to the sinus’, he advised correcting this, another sinus drain but also removing my tonsils as they did not look healthy.

I opted to have the nose operations first which were successful and was to see I felt I needed my tonsils out going forward.

I thought I’d improve only to fall pregnant 10 months after my nose op’s. Subsequently I suffered horrendously through the pregnancy yet again with sinus pain, head pain, facial flushing and also a puffyness around my neck and cheeks.

After my son was born the nhs sent me for further scans which still showed inflammation in my sinus’ and I was still suffering terribly from getting a common cold. I wouldn’t be able to shift it and it would go to drastic extremely quickly head pain again, sore throat etc

I decided it was time to visit Paul again and I was not disappointed - contrary to the Nhs who just had no idea why I was still suffering as great as I was.

It was decided with Paul that I needed the tonsils removed, the operation was very successful, again.

Once removed and one month on I don’t know why I didn’t opt for this sooner. My face and neck isn’t puffy/ swollen anymore. My throat and mouth are not suffering any kind of reaction anymore and I’ve had a small cold and feel my body can deal with it once again. I’ve not had any ear pain either and have since returned to swimming (my favourite past time) and can safely put my ears under the water once again, something I hadn’t been able to do in 3 years.

Paul is very understanding of the pain and discomfort you are experiencing and is very attentive to his attention to detail. He listens to your symptoms, looks at the evidence the symptoms are causing and makes a diagnosis.

I feel I have achieved a greater result with Paul in the two times I have been under him than in the 3 years I have been treated on the Nhs.

Thank you

Ms GM, Spire Hartswood Hospital

’I can only say how comfortable and at ease Mr Chatrath made me feel throughout my treatment.

Both Mr Chatrath and all his team were understanding and professional at all times. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his team to friends and family’

Mr VM, Nuffield Hospital, Brentwood

’Thank you so much for our daughter's pinnaplasty procedure.

The whole process from start to finish was so quick and easy. The support and advice from everyone, especially Mr Chatrath was amazing. We are all so happy with the results.  I can't believe the difference it has made to her confidence, she was a fairly confident child but I have had so much feedback from her teachers and my friends that was unaware of the procedure saying that she's walking and holding herself, so much more confidently. I am so pleased with the positive effect it has had on all of us.

Thank you all so much once again.’

Mrs TB, Brentwood, on behalf of her daughter GG age 9.

’I suffered from a severely blocked nose especially in the sinuses.  It felt like I had a bulldog clip on my nose.  I made the initial appointment with Mr Chatrath which he made it very clear what he believed my issues were, I had a scan a few days later which confirmed what he expected, and he suggested that there is a non-invasive surgery that would assist in alleviating the pain and discomfort that was experiencing.  I went ahead with surgery which involved a balloon type device being used in my sinuses to stretch the sinuses which allowed me to breathe once again through my nose.  The whole procedure was straightforward and the only thing I wish I done differently is done it much earlier.  I have also had additional benefits such as being able to taste and smell much better these days.  Thank you Mr Chatrath for great care and giving me back the ability to breathe through my nose.’

Mr A C, Nuffield Hospital, Brentwood.

’I was relieved to have found a specialist who could correct the problem which affected my life for such a long period post-op.

Prior to having a revision in July 2017 with Dr.Chatrath I was on steroid nasal spray and heavy use of antibiotic for the nasal swelling and pain I got after my Initial Rhinoplasty in Poland. For 2 years after my first Rhinoplasty I was on intermittent antibiotics for repeated infections and swelling in my nose. Despite having been to several doctors over the past 2 years throughout the UK and Europe they found nothing wrong with my nose. After visiting a Harley street surgeon, I was diagnosed with an inverted-V deformity and recommended to Dr. Chatrath as he was the best surgeon to solve my problem.  Thanks to Dr. Chatrath I can breathe again and live my life without steroid sprays and discomfort.’

Lidia, Spire Roding Hospital, London.

’For the last six years I have had breathing problems that have been limited to my left side; more particularly the flow of air through my left nostril has been restricted, with the consequence that there is:

A more or less constant build-up of phlegm / mucus that feels as if it is limited to / dripping down the left side of my throat;
and That I cannot breath as deeply as on my right side;
and The sound in my left ear feels as if muted.

I have always been involved in sports and when I have time run, cycle and swim. On average a week I will spend 5 to 10 hours training or competing in events. I do this for enjoyment, not because I’m particularly good at these sports, but I do push myself and am as a result reasonable fit. This means I am acutely aware of anything that inhibits or limits my ability to draw in oxygen, and it is why I can confidently say that the constant sensation I have is limited to my left side, and that I am able to breath far more easily through my right nostril and fill my right lung to capacity (unlike my left lung), and don’t suffer from excessive phlegm (or anything noticeable) on my right side. Indeed this latter problem is entirely on the left side and is very noticeable when running, cycling or swimming. It is also worse in the mornings and often wakes me during the night because of the affect it has on my breathing.

Since I started to suffer with this problem I have picked up nasal and /or chest infections more or less regularly every three or four months. These have lasted for weeks, and I have only recovered with the aid of anti biotics. Rightly or wrongly I am convinced the infections are caused by the build-up of phlegm dripping down the left side of my throat and into my left lung, and the cause of the problem is physical. Indeed, one of the left side sensations I have, and that I did not list above, is that when swallowing food or liquids this is on the right side of my throat. In addition if I push my nose a little to either side, or forward or back, the flow of air improves through my left nostril improves noticeably (and the left side breathing and sound muting sensation tend to lessen if not disappear).
Although hard now to say with certainty, these problems first arose after a sinus operation in 2011. My sinus’ had become blocked and (forgive the non medical terms) were opened and cleaned. My septum was also straightened. It was after the operation that I first noticed the left side muted hearing sensation, and that breathing through my left nostril was constricted compared to the right. Subsequently I underwent tests but there is nothing wrong with my hearing, and two further sinus operations and further straightening of my septum did not materially help.
The latest operation I have undergone in an attempt to address the problem was earlier this year. My consultant recommended titanium nasal implants (similar to the breath easy strips) designed to prevent nasal collapse when inhaling. One of the symptoms I have had is that whilst I can exhale through both nostrils (albeit the right side is always better) inhaling through the left nostril is frequently inhibited if not blocked.

I am pleased to say the nasal implants have helped considerably. Whilst I do still have the muted sensation in my left ear and I don’t feel my left lung draws as much air as the right – because I do still have the phlegm / mucus issue on the left side of my throat, these symptoms are far less severe than before the nasal implants were fitted. The positive effect of the implants is though perhaps to highlight the remaining problem is some form of ‘blockage’ where the nasal passage joins the throat that limits the flow of air through my left nostril to my lung when inhaling, and/or is the cause of the left side phlegm / mucus. ’

Mr M S - Nuffield Hospital, Brentwood.

‘From my first consultation, pre surgery, post surgery and follow up consultation with Mr Paul Chatrath, he impressed me with his professionalism and also his patient skills, especially putting me at ease and explaining everything to me at each stage of the process. Because of this  during all of the process I did not experience any doubts or concerns.

I  have no qualms about seeing him again or  even getting in contact with him for advice  or  to  discuss any concerns regarding my treatment that I might have’

S.F. - Spire Hartswood Hospital, Brentwood

Dear Sue "I feel that the recovery has gone very well, I am still sneezing, as he said I might, but the affects of the sneezing and also external conditions including heating, air condition and dust seems to be affecting it a lot less, which I'm really pleased about.

So far I am very happy with the results. Please thank him on behalf for seeing me so quickly and fitting me in for the surgery under such time constraints."

Sheila Lynch.

"Having had a history of Sinus polyps requiring surgery I was all too aware of the familiar signs requiring my third visit to an ENT specialist over the last 15 years. My initial consultation with Mr Chatrath at the Nuffield Hospital, Brentwood was both friendly and informative and confirmed I required further surgery to remove multi enlarged polyps. I needn’t have been concerned. On the day of surgery, Nuffield Hospital staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable on arrival and Mr Chatrath and his team soon took over completing their efficient Pre-Op procedures.

Surgery was a success and recovery time was much quicker than on my previous two operations. Aftercare was attentive which enabled me to complete my recovery as a ‘Day Patient’ at the Nuffield.
A big thank you to Mr Chatrath, his team and all the staff at the Nuffield Hospital, Brentwood."

- Luis Rodriguez - Brentwood

"Dear Sue, Thanks for sending me the email attachment. I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank Mr Chatrah for the personal reassurance he provided both before and after the operation. There was a period of apprehension and anxiety prior to surgery but the sensitive nature and patience he showed put me totally at ease and that I was in "good hands". This has since been confirmed 3 months after surgery and I am delighted with the results. Prior to surgery I could not find any testimonial information on Mr Chatrah. I would be more than happy to provide as such to any online portal, or alternatively respect any discretion he might wish to maintain. Once again, many thanks."

Tony Dear - Redbridge

"I underwent septorhinoplasty and balloon sinuplasty performed by Dr Chatrath. The surgery went well and required me to stay in the hospital for less than half a day. Following the surgery I felt slightly blocked up, but wasn’t in any pain. I was given medication and although over the next few weeks felt only mild discomfort. I was feeling fit to work from home from day 5 after surgery, and by day 10 the bruising went down significantly and I was able to go outside and resume normal engagements."

Ann Marekwica - Redbridge

"After years of suffering chronic allergic and cold related sinus infections, I was referred to Dr Paul Chatrath. After very thorough examinations including a CT scan, Dr Chatrath advised after the years of infections and allergies I had Enlarged Turbinate’s and small airways not the best combination for anybody with rhinitis and sinus problems. One sinus was completely blocked in fact. Dr Chatrath walked me through ALL the various treatment options and told me about the titanium breathing implant. At first I was apprehensive as this implant goes into your nose and I was concerned about any aesthetic changes to my appearance as well as it being an operation!. Dr Chatrath was very clear and concise when answering my (many) questions and set me at ease, he ensured me that any small changes to my nose would be minimal and the benefits of the implant would out way this. He was right, the implant has been excellent, I noticed an instant change to my breathing I felt I was getting more “air” into my lungs by breathing in through my nose than I had in years, I had always been kind of “stuffy” and nasal sounding. I still get symptoms, but I can clear my sinuses with more ease stopping them getting blocked now. I can feel the implant when I touch my nose but unless I tell people no one has noticed any changes in my nose. The operation was very quick and my recovery time was short, the first 7 days my nose was swollen but my scar healed very quickly and my stitches came out after 10 days. I had some tingling in the tip of my nose for about 3 weeks but other than that no pain to speak of. The aftercare was excellent and DR Chatrath answered any questions and even answered an email I sent over!

To some up I would highly recommend this procedure to people that struggle with allergies, and sinus infections and even snoring as it has helped me in that area too, and DR Chatrath was the man for the job, I can’t thank him enough."

Donna - Brentwood

"After taking your advice with regard to what I thought was Post Nasal Drip I started to take Gaviscon Advanced and within about four to five days of taking this before going to bed the problem cleared up, I stopped taking it after about two weeks and to date everything seems to be fine

Thank you for the advise and also thank you for curing my nose and sinus issues."

Dean Smith - Brentwood

"When I was referred to Mr Chatrath I was extremely anxious about why I had a lump on one of my tonsils and finding it difficult to swallow. Obviously in a situation like this your imagination runs away with you
and I was thinking the worse.

Mr Chatrath immediately put my mind at rest with his professionalism. I had my tonsils removed and my biopsy came back clear. I have an acidity issue which can be managed with Gaviscogne, Gaztro medication and life style management.

Mr Chatrath helped me focus and got me through a traumatic time in my life. I cannot imagine having my surgery with anyone else."

"For years I have suffered from being unable to breathe out of my nose and also suffered a number of allergies. I had previously referred my breathing issues to the NHS and despite an operation to sort out my deviated septum and another to remove polyps I felt this never aided my breathing problems. I decided to go private and selected Dr Chatrath due to his online profile information. From my first appointment he was able to determine the route cause of my breathing issue and arranged an allergy test. Within a few months under his care I had not only completed an allergy test to understand how I could help my symptoms but also had my operation to have a titanium steel implant fitted to help my breathing. It has been a few months since having my operation and whilst I've been advised it can take 6 months to notice the full benefit, straightaway I have been able to breath clearly through my nose and my recovery has been quite quick. I am pleased that I chose Dr Chatrath as my consultant and extremely happy with the results he has achieved."

Faye - Redbridge

"I know I am going to see Mr Chatrath for my 2 month post op appointment in a few weeks, but I was wondering if you could forward this email thanking him to him please? (I get a bit emotional whenever I see him)

I had my first singing lesson, since surgery, in front of my peers at my performing arts college today. My teachers and fellow students were amazed at the change in my singing voice (as a result of surgery) the clarity of sound and different types of sound i can now create is more than i ever could have wished for. I am so elated with the results, this has been a truly fantastic day for me, i have never been happier in myself and in my
life, and that is down to Mr Chatrath. I just wanted him to know I will be eternally thankful."

Hannah Lancaster - Brentwood

"I went to see Mr Chatrath because I had a problem breathing through my nose. My GP gave me some antibiotics and nose spray on several occasions but it never sorted things out. I was also unhappy with the shape of my nose, in particular the bridge and slant it had. My voice had also become affected, which was difficult for me as I am a singer. Whilst training I assumed the constant nasal quality I had to my sound, was due to singing incorrectly. However after speaking to Mr Chatrath it became clear that my difficulty developing as a singer was perhaps due to my nose, not my technique.

Mr Chatrath listened carefully to what I had to say and really seemed to understand my problems. He recommended that I had surgery to straighten the nasal septum, strengthen the nasal valves and reshape the nose, all in the same sitting.

The operation took place under a general anaesthetic and proceeded uneventfully. Of course it took a couple of weeks or so to recover fully from the operation. After that, what a relief! I could breathe much better through the nose, which was a novelty for me. My sleep had improved, and one of the most surprising and significant benefits was that my singing voice has also become so much clearer, the purity of sound and resonance is more than I ever thought possible.This was something that I was not expecting but was a very welcome and pleasant effect of the surgery. Not to mention the shape of the nose which is undoubtedly so much more pleasing than beforehand. I feel more confident in myself and no longer am worried when photographs are being taken."

"I underwent a rhinoplasty procedure to correct a deviated septum. This was carried out by MR Chatrath. The service I received both in the initial consultation and the surgery itself was impeccable. Mr Chatrath was extremely efficient at explaining exactly what was going to happen at all times and really put my mind at ease. Upon completion of the surgery I was amazed at how I had no pain or bruising, if I had not known better I would have said I did not have an operation- I feel is a testament to Mr Chatraths expertise. Furthermore I cannot express enough how much of a difference it has made to my daily life, the improvement in my breathing and swallowing is like night and day. I can now dine out with family and friends without fear of having problems swallowing and my quality of sleep and ability to exercise has increased tenfold thanks to improved breathing.

All in all a great success and can not fault a single element of the whole process, Mr Chatrath is polite, professional, diligent and extremely knowledgable, I could not be happier and would recommend him to anyone in future."

Joe - Brentwood

Just a note to say thank you very much for your advice and the medication you recommended, it has these last three months transformed my life,  no longer am I walking round, with what seems, a permanent cold, runny nose, sneezing, but I can now breath freely and have a sence of smell something that has been few and far between in the past.

I have to say the method of administrating the nose drops has proved to be very successful and the benifits are great.

I am not saying this is, as you told me at the time it may not be, the cure, but it works for me now, and if in the future I do need an operation, rest assured I will be seeking you out.

Many thanks once again

Mrs C S - Devon

Having suffered for the last three years with nasal polyps and at times having no sense of taste or smell, we arranged for an appointment with Mr Chatrath.  From the start the level of care was exceptional and I finally felt that someone was taking my condition seriously.  I had a Polypectomy and a Balloon Sinuplasty at the beginning of April, the treatment I received from everyone at the hospital was first class and the aftercare I received was second to none. I can't thank Mr Chatrath enough for the level of treatment and the success of my operation and he has given me back the quality of life I haven't had for the last three years, He is an outstanding Consultant and Surgeon.

Diane Pooley - Grays, Essex.

Thank you for the above Letter of Consultation which I have received. Please pass my deepest regards and appreciation to Mr. Chatrath for the whole process and procedure done to me. I really feel great and healthy due to his expert and professional approach. I will certainly recommend all my friends with the same problem to come and see him.

Best Regards

Prosper Bachi - Brentwood

Mr Chatrath is a very nice gentleman and extremely professional and courteous. I'd been suffering for some years with almost constant sinus pain and related illness. After conducting the various tests and discussions on findings it was decided that the best course of action was a septoplasty to fix my deviated septum and balloon sinuplasty because of narrow frontal pathways.   The surgery went well and everyone involved were great . I was quite anxious on the day but the whole team really helped to keep me as calm as possible and answer any questions .   I'm writing this 4 weeks post op, I've just had my follow up and he's happy with how it's all healing. I can breathe much easier and through both sides of my nose for first time in years. I've adhered to my post op instructions but can honestly say the hardest part is the first week after the op. It was nice that his secretary, Sue, was and is always on hand to help plus I was able to contact the spire ward if needs be.   If your looking for a specialist in this field then I'd have no hesitation in recommending Mr Chatrath.

Kind Regards

Mr I.W. - Brentwood

“When I first visited Mr Chatrath I was suffering from a double deviation of the septum that had worsened over time. In addition I was experiencing complications with my sinus which was causing pressure build up and even affecting my vision. From the first consultation I found Mr Chatrath to be very professional, practical and keen to understand the issues from my perspective. He laid out a clear and simple treatment plan, explaining the key issues simply and concisely. From there we agreed on a surgical solution. My experience of the surgery and subsequent recovery period was a good one, I had minimal post surgery discomfort and experienced improvements very quickly. I know have a significant reduction in all symptoms, my airways are much clearer, my sinus clear and the pressure on my eye cleared. I have been very impressed with Mr Chatrath’s care and only wish I had undertaken treatment sooner!”

Many Thanks

Mr MW, Brentwood