Please find below a list of the possible costs of consultations and treatments. The prices are for self funding patients only, as patients with medical insurance policies will have their costs covered by their insurer according to the terms of their policy and the individual insurers’ fee schedules. The only exception is for cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty or pinnaplasty which are not covered by medical insurance.


New patient £225
Follow up consultation £150

Procedures undertaken during an outpatient consultation (these are the professional fees due to Professor Chatrath; the hospital will likely charge an additional amount for the use/hire of the equipment):

Nasal endoscopy From £50 to £195
Ear microsuction From £50 to £125
Nasal cautery From £50 to £100
Epley manoeuvre From £0 to £50
Ear/throat swab No additional charge


These are guide estimates only as the exact price varies from hospital to hospital. There may also be an adjustment according to complexity, therefore the final price may be lower or higher than the figures below.

These are total prices, including the hospital, surgical and anaesthetic fees, and usually also include the first (and in some cases the second) postop consultation in clinic.

Adenotonsillectomy £2500 to £3000
Insertion grommets £3000 to £4500
Septoplasty £1500 – £2000
Epley manoeuvre £3500 to £4500
Septorhinoplasty (functional only) £4500 – £7500
Rhinoplasty (cosmetic) £7000 – £9000
Pinnaplasty £4000 – £5000
Sinus surgery / balloon sinuplasty / nasal polypectomy £5000 – £8000