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What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job, is a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping or correcting the structure of the nose. At London ENT, we specialise in rhinoplasty in London, offering tailored solutions to meet each individual’s aesthetic and functional needs. Whether it’s adjusting the size, straightening, or changing the contour of your nose, our expert team in London uses advanced techniques to ensure natural, harmonious results that complement your facial features.

Rhinoplasty isn’t just about cosmetic enhancement. It also addresses functional issues like breathing difficulties due to structural abnormalities. In London, our rhinoplasty procedures are designed to improve both the appearance and functionality of your nose, ensuring a balanced approach to your well-being.

Choosing to undergo rhinoplasty in London at London ENT means entrusting your care to experienced surgeons who understand the nuances of this intricate procedure. We take pride in our detailed consultations, ensuring every patient in London receives personalised advice and care, tailored to their unique facial structure and aesthetic goals.


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Deciding to have a rhinoplasty in London is a personal choice, one that should be made after careful consideration and consultation with experts like those at London ENT. Rhinoplasty isn’t just a cosmetic procedure; it’s a journey towards enhancing your self-confidence and comfort. In London, where aesthetic and medical standards are exceptionally high, our rhinoplasty procedures at London ENT cater to a diverse range of needs – from cosmetic alterations like reshaping the nasal tip or bridge to functional improvements for better breathing.

In London, rhinoplasty is more than just altering your nose’s appearance; it’s about finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Our London ENT specialists are dedicated to guiding you through this decision, providing expert advice tailored to your specific facial features and personal goals. We understand that every individual in London seeking rhinoplasty has unique aspirations, and our approach is to create results that not only enhance your appearance but also align with your natural facial symmetry.

When considering rhinoplasty in London, it’s crucial to have realistic expectations. The goal at London ENT is not to deliver a one-size-fits-all solution but to craft a nose that is harmonious with your overall facial structure, respecting the unique aspects of your ethnicity and natural anatomy.

How successful is rhinoplasty surgery?

The success of rhinoplasty surgery, especially in a prominent medical hub like London, hinges on several factors. At London ENT, renowned for its expertise in rhinoplasty in London, we pride ourselves on achieving high success rates. Our approach combines advanced surgical techniques with a deep understanding of facial aesthetics, ensuring results that are not only visually pleasing but also functionally effective.

In London, the success of rhinoplasty surgery is measured not just by the surgical outcome, but also by patient satisfaction and the extent to which the results align with their expectations. Our experienced surgeons at London ENT carefully assess each case, considering factors like skin texture, facial structure, and individual aesthetic goals. This personalised approach ensures that our rhinoplasty procedures in London meet the highest standards of precision and care.

One of the key aspects of ensuring the success of rhinoplasty in London is setting realistic expectations. At London ENT, we engage in detailed discussions with our patients, providing them with a clear understanding of what can be achieved through surgery. We believe that an informed patient is more likely to be satisfied with the results, contributing to the overall success of their rhinoplasty in London.

Before rhinoplasty – what needs to be done?

Preparing for rhinoplasty in London, particularly at London ENT, involves several crucial steps to ensure the best possible outcome. Initially, our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your nasal structure, discussing your aesthetic and functional goals. This stage is vital in tailoring the rhinoplasty procedure to your unique needs.

Photographic analysis is an integral part of the pre-operative process for rhinoplasty in London. At London ENT, we use these images not only for surgical planning but also to help you visualise the potential outcomes. This approach aids in setting realistic expectations and facilitates a more informed decision-making process.

Preparation also includes a thorough medical evaluation. Our London ENT specialists ensure that you are physically ready for rhinoplasty, considering any medications or health conditions that might affect the surgery or its results. We provide detailed guidance on what to avoid prior to surgery, such as certain medications or supplements that might impact healing.

Rhinoplasty – types of operation

In London, rhinoplasty encompasses a variety of surgical techniques, each tailored to meet the unique requirements of our patients at London ENT. Understanding these different types is crucial for anyone considering rhinoplasty in London.

  1. Reduction Rhinoplasty: This is one of the most common forms of rhinoplasty in London. It involves reducing the size of the nose to bring it into a more harmonious balance with other facial features. Techniques can include removing a hump, narrowing nasal bones, or reducing the size of nasal cartilage.
  2. Augmentation Rhinoplasty: For those who require an increase in size or restructuring of certain nasal components, augmentation rhinoplasty at London ENT uses grafts (often from the patient’s own cartilage) to enhance the nasal structure.
  3. Refinement Rhinoplasty: This type of rhinoplasty in London focuses on refining the nasal tip or other specific areas to achieve a more defined and aesthetically pleasing nose.
  4. Revision Rhinoplasty: Also known as secondary rhinoplasty, this is performed to correct or improve the results of a previous nose surgery. At London ENT, we understand the complexities involved in revision procedures and provide expert care.
  5. Functional Rhinoplasty: Beyond aesthetics, functional rhinoplasty in London addresses breathing issues caused by structural abnormalities of the nose. This can often be combined with cosmetic changes for a comprehensive outcome.

At London ENT, our skilled surgeons assess each patient’s individual needs, considering both aesthetic desires and functional requirements, to recommend the most suitable type of rhinoplasty in London.

Rhinoplasty – the operation

At London ENT, the rhinoplasty operation is a pinnacle of precision and patient-focused care, especially for those seeking this procedure in London. Each step of the operation is meticulously planned and executed to align with the individual goals and facial anatomy of our patients.

The operation typically begins with anesthesia, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the procedure. Our London-based surgeons employ state-of-the-art techniques, whether it’s for reshaping, resising, or reconstructing the nose. The specific methods used, such as open or closed rhinoplasty, are chosen based on what will yield the best results for each unique case in our London clinic.

During the operation, utmost care is taken to ensure minimal scarring and natural-looking results. At London ENT, we understand that the success of rhinoplasty in London isn’t just about the surgery itself but also about the patient’s satisfaction with the outcome. Our team’s expertise in advanced surgical techniques, combined with a deep understanding of facial aesthetics, ensures that each rhinoplasty operation is a bespoke journey towards enhancing your appearance and confidence.

Packs and splints

Following a rhinoplasty procedure at London ENT, particularly in our London clinics, the use of packs and splints is a standard practice to aid in the healing process. These tools are essential for maintaining the new structure of the nose and ensuring optimal recovery.

Packs are often used to minimise bleeding and stabilise the nasal structure immediately after surgery. While they may cause some initial discomfort, they play a crucial role in the healing process for patients undergoing rhinoplasty in London.

Splints, on the other hand, are used to support the newly shaped nose and protect it during the critical initial phase of healing. At London ENT, our surgeons skillfully apply these splints, ensuring they are effective yet comfortable.

The use of packs and splints is a testament to the detailed and patient-centric postoperative care that is a hallmark of rhinoplasty in London. Our team at London ENT is dedicated to ensuring every patient experiences a smooth and effective recovery, adhering to the highest standards of post-surgical care.

After rhinoplasty surgery:

Post-surgical care following a rhinoplasty in London, especially at London ENT, is crucial for ensuring a smooth and successful recovery. Our comprehensive aftercare program is designed to guide patients through each step of the healing process.

Immediately after the surgery, patients might experience swelling and bruising, which is a normal part of the recovery. Our London-based team provides detailed instructions on how to manage these symptoms, including advice on rest, medication, and any necessary follow-up appointments.

In the weeks following rhinoplasty, it’s important for patients in London to avoid strenuous activities and to follow specific guidelines to protect the nose as it heals. London ENT’s dedicated professionals are always available to address any concerns or questions, ensuring a comfortable and effective recovery.

Our goal at London ENT is not just to achieve excellent surgical outcomes, but also to ensure that each patient’s journey through recovery is as smooth and comfortable as possible. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional aftercare for all our rhinoplasty patients in London.

How long will I be off work after a rhinoplasty?

The recovery period following a rhinoplasty in London, particularly at London ENT, varies depending on the individual and the extent of the surgery. Generally, patients are advised to take at least a week off from work to rest and recover. This period allows for the initial healing phase, where rest is crucial for reducing swelling and promoting a smoother recovery.

For those with jobs involving physical exertion or exposure to dust and other environmental factors, a longer recovery period may be recommended by our London ENT specialists. Our team provides tailored advice to ensure each patient in London can return to work safely and comfortably, without compromising the results of their rhinoplasty surgery.

Do’s and don’ts after a rhinoplasty

After undergoing rhinoplasty in London, particularly at London ENT, it is crucial to follow specific guidelines to ensure a smooth and effective healing process.


  • Rest and Recover: Allow your body ample time to heal, especially in the first week following surgery.
  • Follow Surgeon’s Instructions: Adhere to the care regimen provided by your London ENT surgeon.
  • Protect Your Nose: Be gentle with your nose to avoid any undue pressure or injury.


  • Avoid Strenuous Activities: Refrain from heavy lifting or vigorous exercise for a few weeks after surgery.
  • Steer Clear of Nasal Pressure: Avoid wearing glasses that rest on the bridge of your nose.
  • No Smoking or Alcohol: These can hinder the healing process, so it’s best to avoid them during recovery.

At London ENT, we ensure that our patients in London are fully informed about the do’s and don’ts following rhinoplasty, enabling a safe and successful recovery.

What can go wrong after a rhinoplasty?

While rhinoplasty, especially in London at London ENT, is generally a safe procedure, it’s important to be aware of potential risks and complications, just as with any surgery.

  • Bleeding and Infection: These are rare but possible complications. Our London ENT team is equipped to manage such situations effectively.
  • Anesthetic Reactions: Although uncommon, reactions to anesthesia can occur and are closely monitored.
  • Unsatisfactory Results or Need for Revision Surgery: Sometimes, the outcome may not meet expectations, or additional adjustments might be needed. Our experts in London are committed to achieving the best possible results and offer revision surgery if necessary.

At London ENT, we prioritise patient safety and are transparent about all potential risks associated with rhinoplasty in London, ensuring our patients are well-informed before proceeding with surgery.

Answers to Common Rhinoplasty Questions

Is rhinoplasty recovery painful?

While some discomfort is expected, it’s generally manageable. Our London ENT specialists ensure all patients in London receive appropriate care and pain management strategies.

Will my nose continue to grow after rhinoplasty?

No, the surgery alters the structure of your nose permanently. Our London-based surgeons aim for lasting results.

How long is the recommended resting period after rhinoplasty?

Typically, a week of rest is advised by our London ENT experts, with a gradual return to normal activities.

What are the potential side effects of rhinoplasty?

Common side effects include swelling and bruising. Our team in London discusses all potential risks beforehand.

Can I exercise after rhinoplasty?

Light exercise may be resumed after a few weeks, but consult with your London ENT surgeon for personalised advice.

How long does it take to see the final results of rhinoplasty?

Complete healing can take up to a year, with gradual improvements noticeable over this period.

Can rhinoplasty correct breathing problems?

Yes, functional aspects such as breathing difficulties can be addressed during the procedure at London ENT.

FAQ About London: Rhinoplasty Considerations

What makes London a preferred destination for rhinoplasty?

London is renowned for its world-class medical facilities and highly skilled surgeons. The city’s healthcare system adheres to stringent quality standards, ensuring that patients receive top-tier care. Additionally, London’s multicultural environment makes it an appealing destination for patients from around the globe seeking expert rhinoplasty services.

Are there any specific healthcare regulations in London for rhinoplasty?

Yes, London follows strict healthcare regulations to ensure patient safety and high-quality medical care. All rhinoplasty procedures are performed in accredited facilities by certified surgeons. Patients are well-informed about the procedure, risks, and recovery process, in line with UK healthcare guidelines.

What kind of recovery facilities can I expect in London?

London offers a range of high-quality recovery facilities. From private clinics with bespoke aftercare services to comfortable recovery homes, the city caters to various needs and preferences. Many facilities also provide additional services like transportation, nursing care, and post-operative consultations.

Is language a barrier for non-English speakers undergoing rhinoplasty in London?

London’s medical professionals are accustomed to working with international patients, and many clinics offer interpreter services. Additionally, the cosmopolitan nature of the city means that several languages are spoken, reducing language barriers significantly.

How does the cost of rhinoplasty in London compare to other cities?

Rhinoplasty costs in London may vary based on the clinic, surgeon’s expertise, and the complexity of the procedure. While it might be higher compared to some other cities, patients often choose London for the exceptional quality of medical care and advanced surgical techniques.

Can international patients receive support for visa and travel arrangements?

Many clinics in London assist international patients with their travel and visa arrangements. This support often includes help with documentation, accommodation bookings, and providing necessary medical letters for visa applications.

Professor Paul Chatrath – Leading Rhinoplasty Expert

Professor Paul Chatrath, a distinguished figure in the field of ENT and Rhinoplasty, has an impressive academic background, beginning with a preclinical medical degree from the University of Cambridge. His clinical expertise was honed at The Royal London Hospital Medical College, where he earned his MBBS degree, achieving distinctions in several subjects and nearly securing the prestigious University of London Gold Medal.

His surgical journey encompassed foundational training in Cambridge followed by advanced training in Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) across North London. This rigorous training culminated in his successful completion of the FRCS (ORL-HNS) Intercollegiate examination and attainment of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in ENT.

Demonstrating a commitment to research and advancement in his field, Professor Chatrath delved into a formal research period, focusing on distinguishing cancerous and benign laryngeal lesions through surface brushings. This groundbreaking work led to an MD higher research degree from the University of London.

Currently, Professor Chatrath is a respected Professor of Rhinology at Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent. Here, he spearheads the rhinology and facial plastic surgery module of the innovative MCh(ENT) program. He also holds a position as Honorary Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford, Essex, further cementing his role as a leading educator and practitioner in the field.

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