An Orlando based company called Legal Lean are promoting snorting the chocolate powder known as ‘Coco Loko’, for a legal and drug free buzz, selling the product in a tin of 10 servings for $24.99 (£19.30).

The trend that has been catching on in Europe is expected to become more popular with chocolate powder potentially replacing caffeinated drinks. The buzz is said to last anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes and works by the ingredients of the substance being dissolved into the nasal mucus membranes.

Ear Nose And Throat (ENT) specialist Dr Paul Chatrath has explained that whilst there are understandable medical reasons why inhaling chocolate through the nose could give the desired effects, there could be some potentially negative side effects of snorting the powder that are currently not known. Telling the independent: “We simply don’t know the negative effects of snorting the powder over a period of time”.

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