What is ClariFix Cryotherapy

ClariFix Cryotherapy is a relatively new procedure that involves freezing a small area at the back of the nose that has become inflamed. This is a minimally invasive procedure done using a cooling probe. It is a safe and clinically proven treatment that provides long-lasting relief from the symptoms of conditions such as chronic runny nose, congestion and rhinitis.

How Does ClariFix Cryotherapy Work?

Patients suffering with rhinitis (inflammation of the lining of the nose) often describe symptoms of a runny nose, nasal congestion, itching and sneezing, many of these symptoms can be treated adequately with conventional medical treatments such as nasal sprays and drops, and also antihistamine tablets if there is an allergy. However, in some cases symptoms may persist, in particular a runny nose which can be troublesome to treat.

The ClariFix probe is inserted into the back of the nose and gently freezes the nerve endings that are responsible for producing excessive mucus and nasal discharge. During the procedure you may experience mild pressure and a cooling sensation during the treatment, and in rare cases you might get a more intense ‘ice cream’ type headache, but any discomfort should be short-lived.

The Benefits of ClariFix Cryotherapy

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Treatment generally lasts less than ten minutes
  • Treatment can be done in-office or under local anaesthetic in theatre
  • Treatment goes directly to the cause of the issue
  • Minimal recovery, with many patients resuming normal activities within a couple of days
  • Reduction in symptoms such as runny, drippy, or stuffy nose, post-nasal drip, congestion and sneezing
  • Suitable for patients who have already tried tablets, drops and sprays, and which have not been effective
  • Many patients report all symptoms are gone or significantly reduced within two to six weeks of the procedure.
  • Results usually last at least a year – in some cases the procedure does need to be repeated, however as it is minimally invasive with little recovery, most people do not find it too inconvenient
  • Significantly improves day-to-day life, confidence, mood and even sleep.

Possible Side Effects

Some patients report a slight increase in congestion straight after the treatment, but this subsides quickly. You may feel discomfort and irritation in the nose temporarily, and in some rare cases, facial pain, bleeding of the nose and headaches may occur. If so, consult an ENT specialist, such as London ENT.

Chronic Rhinitis – What is it and What Causes it?

Chronic rhinitis is the primary reason people require ClariFix Cryotherapy. Chronic rhinitis refers to symptoms caused by nerves in the nose that are unbalanced. The symptoms are:

  • Blocked nose
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal itching
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Congestion

If treatments such as antihistamines, sprays, and pills do not help the issue, it is time to consult an ENT specialist. ClariFix Cryotherapy has been in regular use in the USA for several years, and is now available in the UK. It is likely to become an increasingly popular solution to relieve the symptoms of chronic rhinitis.

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